Learn how to fly a helicopter in the scenery of the Alps, between earth and sky.


HELI-ALPS flight school - CH.ATO.0284

Our School is based in Sion Valais but is also presented in Ticino.

(certification CH.ATO.0284, Approved Training Organisation).
We have been instructing since 1987 under the name Groupe Hélico Sion. Today we meet the European
mandatory requirements since April 8, 2014 under the name HELI-ALPS Flight School.
(Certification CH.ATO.0284, Approved Training Organisation).

The objective of this initiation is to share an unforgettable experience and to make one of man’s oldest dreams come true: FLY!
You will live this unique experience of being at the controls of an aircraft suspended between sky and earth.

After a theoretical part, you will fly with an instructor certified by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation..

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With us, the Cabri is at the price of the R22 !

Cabri G2 ou Robinson R22                              
30 minutes CHF 400.-
60 minutes CHF 700.-

Robinson R44
30 minutes CHF 700.-
60 minutes CHF 1’300.-

Bell 505 Jet Ranger X (turbine)
30 minutes CHF 900.-
60 minutes CHF 1’700.-

HELI-ALPS Flight School has a team of competent and dynamic instructors who will passionately share their experience with you and guide you throughout your learning.

The holder of a private pilot license can fly any helicopter registered in Switzerland on which he will have made a transition after obtaining his license. Héli-Alpes has a team of competent and dynamic instructors who will share their experience with you and guide you throughout your learning process.

After obtaining the private pilot’s license, a specific theoretical training as well as a

Flight training is required to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence.

The privileges of the Commercial Pilot Licence are the same as those of the Commercial Pilot Licence, except that you may be paid for your services and perhaps find a job in the world of aviation.

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Switzerland has 40 landings places in the mountains for dropping off people for tourist purposes. These places are located at altitudes between 1’500 and 4’200 meters. A qualification of the pilots is necessary to be able to use them.

This qualification will require about 20 hours of flight time in order to make the 200 landings required. It is also an excellent form of perfecting classical piloting, precision and method are indeed necessary to foil the traps set by flying in a mountainous environment.

Flying after sunset ? It is possible with the night flight qualification.

Requirements :
– licence PPL(H) ou CPL(H)
– have followed the theoretical courses relating to night flying
– 5 hours of night flight and 10 hours of simulated instrument flight time

We offer type ratings on all our helicopters. We will be happy to advise you on the minimum requirements before you start.

Héli-Alpes SA
Aéroport Civil
CH-1950 Sion

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E-Mail : info@helialps.ch

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