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Our highly qualified and experienced teams as well as our helicopters at the forefront of technology ensure safety, reliability and performance.

Up to 1’400 kg at sea level

Lifting and positioning of loads

HELI-ALPS provides the adequate and essential equipment to accomplish this kind of missions. Refuelling of shelters. Transport of all kinds (civil engineering materials, wood, swimming pools, carpentry, piano, etc.), acrobatic work, precision positioning, cable unwinding, fire fighting,… 

Thanks to the operation of our forefront of technology Squirrels AS350 B3+, HELI-ALPS is a privileged partner for your air transport activities.

monitoring and measurement

The compay partners throughout the year with utilities and several institutes to provide network inspection (geologial, gas or elecricity survey, communication, Polycom networt maintenance, roadway surveillance, CGFR border surveillance with infrared system quipment and police search service.

preventive triggering of avalanches

After each important snowfall that represents a danger, HELI-ALPS embarks the mountain fireworks to purge the slopes overloaded with snow.

aerial photography

Films of all kinds, photographs, reports and television programs, sporting events,… HELI-ALPS is able to provide for all your requests a high quality on-board equipment in order to obtain high-precision images.

new at heli-alps !


Mobile avalanche triggering system under helicopter based on the explosion of a hydrogen/oxygen gas mixture inside an open cone.

This innovative solution in terms of preventive triggering is a mobile and easily transportable system by helicopter (with a 15 to 30m sling) in order to treat inaccesible, specific or particularly dagerous avalanche zones depending on the conditions encountered.


From the visit to the study of the airtransport construction site, from the sumbission of files to the relevant authorities, we are always available to carry out the most technical airtransport operations thanks to our experienced teams.

Our latest generation helicopters are capable of lifting up to 1400kg max. depending on weather conditions, altitude and temperature.

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